27 things to learn from Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

 Even in worst condition we have something to be thankful of 

  1. Robinson CrusoeParents always want best for us .. Always listen to them
  2. Desire for adventure will change your life in one way or the other
  3. We are never satisfied with what we have
  4. We are more scared when we are novice /just starting
  5. A friend along your journey will always make you feel more strong and comfortable
  6. You must never reject a helping hand
  7. Always believe in power of God Almighty
  8. People are more friendly/honest/helpful than you think
  9. Eventhough you are happy and successful you will be tempted for more
  10. Sometime … First time in forever you may be only one left alive…
  11. We never feel secure with what we have.You feel a need to defend yourself every way possible
  12. Being by self will teach you many things
  13. Being religious relief stress
  14. You got to adjust to the surrounding what we have put yourself into
  15. We must take our chances to secure what can be ours rather than to forfeit it
  16. We gain nothing without hard toil
  17. Being in a ghetto is better than being in a paradise with scavenger
  18. People can be changed from cannibals to civilized
  19. Our first instinct is usually best one
  20. Mastery comes from practise.
  21. The life you save will be ever in debt of you
  22. It’s better to recruit than to kill
  23. We can’t trust people just like that
  24. Even in the worst condition we have something to be thankful of 
  25. Nature is there to defend you when you are in need
  26. Use what you possess rather than want for more
  27. There are many ways of doing same thing

    Always have faith in god .


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Meditation photo

If you are an internet savvy then you might have heard about meditation one way or the other … So called one stop solution for everything ! 

    So what really is meditation ? Why is it so popular today ? Why does it stand out to a saying “So close yet so far” ?

    In a basic sense it is a method to cut yourself out of what’s happening around you and look into yourself . It’s a tool or a method ( call whatever you may like ) to find a bond between mind , body and breathe/soul.

We tend to try new things just to calm down our curiosity . In today’s time we tend to share / like /retweet/repost what we like and have an interest on . So this may be the reason meditation has gained wide popularity over the past decade .

We tend to look so much out that we forget to look within

Most of you may have started to meditate Meditation photoover the course of time but might have find it to be boring or not as what you expected. When our expectations are higher we don’t get result for our input as we have desired …. so keep expectation low and start slow but have a continuity to it . Habits don’t form overnight .It takes practise and patience.

You can try out apps from android play store and itunes store. 

Headspace is a good one .. Just 10 minutes a day



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